The ‘learnedpoet’

Couple of days back, I sat on my bed going through my devotional and was struck by topic of that day,’Tell your story’. I read through and it was as though it was a letter, written and   addressed to me, the words pierced through so deeply, that i felt i could literally touch the feelings of the writer. So then I meditated, for so long that I almost lost track of time. So here I am talking about ‘me’. The imperfect me, I have my flaws, my doudts, my convictions, my fears, my regrets, my failures, my achievements, I have had it all, the pains, the gains, the glory, the shame, the disappointments, the recommendations. I guess all am saying is am not perfect but am grateful because i serve an all Perfect God, an all knowing and above all an awesome God. He knows my imperfections but yet His grace is made sufficient for me.

your background has no right to put you on the ground. Only the most significant decisions in your life will make it into your history.

There is always a story behind the glory so this is mine…

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