Campus meet communties

Hey guys! Hope your week started well because mine started on a good note , Monday was exceptional I did not have to stress myself thinking of a white shirt and black skirt to put,neither did to press my clothes whoosh! You might not understand what it feels like for a law student to have a wonderful Sunday sleep without picturing his or her wardrobe trying to visualize the whites that would match the blacks, the shoes to go with it,trying as much as possible not to commit a fashion blunder such as pattern on pattern, etc, for those that care anyway. In fact for we ladies we even go as far as picturing the color of undies best suited for our outfits including our jewelries and shoes *whew*. No thoughts of presentations for those whose groups had presentations to make before some lecturers. Wow! such feeling is gold. For the first time I looked forward to Monday with such joy not because I was finally traveling overseas for the first time or my crush finally asked me out or I won some billions of dollars but because it was children’s day and me and my friends were just about to put smiles on the faces of some less privileged kids at Ilaje, a small community in Bariga.

So there we were on Monday morning as members of Campus to communities(C2C),a small charity society formed by a Miss Ojomo Edefe,all dressed up in our C2C shirts, looking radiant and hopeful for a good day with the children at Ilaje as we joined in their celebration, ready to give to the society from the little we had, especially to the children.

The turnout of children was really impressive, especially the children of Eagles Wings Nursery and Primary school, the first school that benefited from this initiative. We had a whole lot organized for them, cultural dances of the various tribes, drama, dancing competitions, choreography, fashion parade, we even painted their faces, and some of the children had a swell time decorating ours. There was a lot to eat and drink, rice, cake, biscuits,ice cream, soft drinks and a whole lot of other stuffs courtesy C2C. It was all fun.

The joy on their faces, my goodness! It was priceless, it could not be quantified, at a point I had tears in my eyes. They made me see life from a different angle entirely, I mean these children had nothing yet they were so happy,so grateful for the little they had, some of them so smart, you need to have seen the way they cat-walked during the fashion parade, wow! the attitude and presentation was impeccable.

Interacting with them I could feel their fears, their pains, their joy, I could relate with their ambitions and aspirations for the nearest future. Some aspired to be lawyers, doctors,a little boy when asked by a friend of mine what he wished to become he said an artist,that he loved to draw and paint. Finally the climax of the whole event, the sharing of the gift packs for the kids…mehn that was when I knew where I was..the children increased from no where and then the struggle got real*whew..I was almost pushed into the gutter but it was fun and I was so glad.

Children’s day provides an opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life by doing something special. Parties and celebrations happen all the time, but how about taking the fortunate children to homes that shelter street children and have them befriend those kids, donating clothes,toys,books,etc. Infact, if this is done in every neighborhood, imagine how many smiles there will be across the nation. Maybe on this day you can sign up to sponsor the education of an unprivileged child, either through an NGO dedicated to educating and providing better living conditions for street.

If I should describe yesterday in one word I would say it was ‘awesome’. Shout out to all C2C members you guys rock!!

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