An Open Letter To Nigeria

Dear Nigeria,
I would have asked how you are doing,but the facts speak for itself,its not surprising how you can’t even keep up appearances. I would have extended my greetings to your family as well, but its no news that you are separated, its an open secret. I should ask why,but I’ve heard the stories. Remind me again how old you are…53? Amazing how you forgot your years of little, but humble beginnings. There is no doubt you had a rough past, no question as to the spoon you were born with,because we were there to share your pain and nightmares,we fought the fight for your freedom and independence. Although some of us never experienced that life with you, the stories have lingered, not all beer and skittles, the scars as evidence. You lived a dog’s life, your past relationships with colonialism and military showed you no love. They exploited you,and left you naked in the cold to wallow in your misery,you lost your voice. Then came Democracy, an eager beaver, he gave a new slate,he offered you freedom, he gave u a voice. You married his son, federalism and your adoption into the democratic family,was a breath of fresh air. One would never have thought this union a result of a period of dilemma,and a desperate need to choose between the lesser of two evils, was the best choice. What a rude awakening it was,when all this time,we thought your marriage was a gold mine,only to discover that, it was a case of a won battle but lost war. Slowly, you slipped away,you gave your family(the citizens) a wide berth,evil company they say,corrupts good manners,so if you can’t beat them,you join them. You were lured by your friend,‘greed’,to go after men in grey suits,and so u were introduced to dirty old men like corruption and terrorism. Without shame,you cast your pearls on these swine(rotten apples),and gradually you fell apart.
Am no Jeremiah,nor Job’s comforter, neither will I lay blames or cast stones. My purpose for writing this letter, is to remind you,that you are an African woman,and we are known to stick out our arms to make our marriage work. You are seating on gun powder,your life now is a mirage, a fool’s paradise. No man is perfect but remember that,a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The path you tread,will only lead you to your Waterloo,so please,for a minute,stop,and recall the vow you made…..
I pledge to you,
To be faithful loyal and honest,
To serve u with all my strength, To defend our unity,
And uphold our honour and glory,
So help me God.

So here I am,my ink faint,my hands weary,but still, I must complete this note,I am no saint,I only write in anticipation of a new Nigeria,my eyes see thee not, my nose perceives not thy fragrance, my ears hear not thy hoots,but still my heart knows thee,for my mind has imagined thee, and pictured thee in my thoughts. So I yearn for you in my heart, I crave you in my thoughts,I’m part of thee in my mind, but until my eyes behold thee,I sip my ‘coffee’ and patiently await thee.

Yours sincerely,
Learned poet!!

Revised and edited.
Aura Moha.


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