So since my friends are out having the time of their lives and am just here lonely and bored would make the best use of my time and just rant!!! there are so many issues a girl wants to rant about but..hmm i wuld just rant on matters that touch the heart(yes I am sad like dat), anywaz I seem not to understand why boys, guys, men or whatever generic name they choose to call themselves are the way they are. Asinn why on earth would you see a girl on her own, she didnt beg to be talked to at all ooo.. then you walk up to her. All in the name of ‘friendship’, u talk to her, make her feel like you really need her friendship even when she clearly doesn’t want your stupid friendship, you pester her till she finally agrees on being your friend. As if that’s not enough ooo, the poor innocent babe would be on her own again and you then start sending messages, calling, being all mushy around her telling her what she wants to hear and all and gradually the poor babe starts to catch feelings and then, gbam!!! one thing leads to another, you kiss, hmm…nigga won’t stop dere ooo…he continues to make her feel like he really wants things to get serious between them  ˚°yimu!.. .
_\\_ smiley,my poor female folk starts nursing this rather unfortunate idea you have created in her minds eye, all of a sudden the real you starts to play out, you suddenly find out ohh!! she is this and she is that..thoughts like “ohh!! she’s nt so fair,she won’t be able to mix well with my friends, she is too tall, ohh!! I thought her ass was bigger, wow!! She gots small boobs though arghhhhhhhh
Bros did you not know all this things before you started pestering eh!! Hian!! Now thatz not even the most annoying part of this whole drama, you start giving her excuses, ignoring her, putting off ur phone on her birthday forming battery died and there was no light and no fuel in the generator, you ensure your BIS finishes a night to vals day, arggggggh!really?? Finally the girl summons courage and asks you what exactly you guys are doing and then you go “errmm….we re just cool, I like u bla bla bla:s but..” But what nigga??? I mean if you really do like her like u claim to, why can’t u ask her out the proper way and make her your gf and let everyone just live happily ever after (no am nt a dreamer and contrary to what some of you might think i believe in fariytales..yea woreva (˘̯˘ ) ). But seriously why take the poor lady for an emotional journey she never signed up for? Why make her put her energy into what you know had no meaning to u? Ladies get attached to things easily. Yes we read books and yes there nothing wrong in wanting all the perfect things we see in movies!! So Mister If you do not want us, kindly move away and make way for a serious brother. Don’t raise our hopes high and then just drop it!!! Later niggas be like “girls are cheats..bla bla bla!!!” bullshit!!! most of this girls cheat because they once loved too much and idiots like you made them stone hearted and now.. arrrrrghhh!!!

written by:

Anonymous Fellow


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