Face Of Corruption 2013;Who Wears The Crown

The entertainment industry in Nigeria,has become a gold mine,and it’s no fallacy to say that it has sprouted from its niche,and expanded its horizons to become a medium of wealth generation,hence has impacted positively to the development of the Nigerian economy,and the Nigerian people respectively. It’s amazing that just one industry,has created so many jobs,especially for students,for example, modelling, ushering, tailoring,etc. It has helped develop skills,and a lot of other things. It also serves as a medium for advertisement,or showcase of talent through beauty pageants. I could go on and on about its implications to the economy,but enough of all these stories.
My focus however, is on PAGEANTS.I want to use this medium,to paint a picture of the situation in Nigeria,and to engage your imaginative mind,so that from your own perspective, you proffer solutions to the happenings in Nigeria.

Like I mentioned earlier,beauty pageants could serve as a medium of advertisement,through showcase of personal trends, wears, costumes, hairstyles,even nail polish,etc. Some pageants focus more on the outward appearance e.g,the person’s physicality and attributes,attitude,etc. things that can be seen at a glance,others are a mixture of beauty and brains, whichever the case,it’s still a pageant,something is being displayed,the judges and spectators are on the look out for something. Something different,that distinguishes the winner from the runner-up,and other contestants in any pageant. There are always contestants(no matter how few), judges, spectators and of course an anchor(s).

So over the years,you probably have familiarized yourselves with pageants like the MBGN, MR NIGERIA, FACE OF NOKIA(FON)….etc, but HERE!,let me introduce to you yet another pageant, FACE OF CORRUPTION 2013(FOC). Now unlike most pageants held in other parts of the world, there is a unique twist to this particular one, probably,its uniqueness lies in d nature of the pageant itself,or in the rules governing the competition,and the requirements expected from each contestant. In this competition,there are only two(2) contestants, ‘The Goverment‘ and ‘The Nigerian people, LIFE is the anchor, KARMA is the only judge, surrounding nations, neighbouring countries, etc would constitute the spectators, they will either cheer or jeer,depending on the turnout of events.

The word or term “Corruption” whichever preferential name you decide to call it,is in itself an all encompassing word that defines all negative acts,or omissions and hence,it is in itself incapable of a definite and concise meaning. Unfortunately,no one can avail himself from this competition. Its a competition of your conscious and unconscious being, hence, since you cannot remove the ‘U’ in You, you are compulsorily in this. Its a RUNWAY of the mind,and believe me, it takes more than beauty and brains to walk the runway, it requires aura, poise, attitude,charisma….

Corruption is:
* When a rich man steals,it is money laundering but, when a poor man does,it is   stealing,punishable with 14yrs imprisonment.
* Where members of the senate decide to take up the role of The ‘HAWK’, and SMASH things.
* When the government,is controlled by meddlesome interlopers.
* Where the president,or government in general, abandons a ‘primus locus classicus‘ case like terrorism and corruption,and mingles in ‘obiter dictum‘,things of less importance to our safety and development.
* When we allow our sentiments,religion,and greed cloud our sense of judgment,and influence our votes.
* Where there are still uncompleted road projects for months,running into years,maybe
millenniums soon.

* Where,with all the reforms made in the electricity sector,and continuous increase in watts and tariffs, we still cannot boast of enjoying light ’24/7/365′.
* When our votes don’t count.
* Where the whole of the constitution,that supposedly governs us,and is to act as our security to our rights,(chapter II of the1999 constitution- “Fundamental Objectives and directives of states policy” ) is non- justiciable.

* When militants are granted amnesty, and our government decides to dialogue with deadly terrorists like the ‘Boko haram’ and probably grant them amnesty to subsequently.

* Where there is an organized selection process rather than a legitimate electoral

However i wish;
* The people and government were best pals, or partners,like ‘Tommy Lee Jones’ and ‘Will Smith‘ in Men In Black,
sharing ideas, looking out for each other, etc.

* Our lawyers should be indispensable,like ‘Micheal Ross‘,and ‘Harvey. Specter‘ in’Suits‘,our judiciary should encourage healthy cases,and fair trials.

The face of corruption is many things,the list is inexhaustible; it is what you do when nobody is watching, charity they say begins at home. It is what you say, your thoughts, your actions, etc. remember,the heart of a man is desperately wicked, so watch your steps, be careful of the decisions you make because they have a way of hunting you, tread carefully. The journey to Jerusalem begins in a day,in the same vein, corrupt leaders,are products of their own doings or undoing. Left to me,there should not be an FOC winner, its nothing but a fool’s paradise meant for swine,and greedy old men.

Finally,we need fearless and incorruptible men,who would be judges for a good cause,like the Tunde Bakare’s, Femi Falana’s and Gani Fawehinmi’s (of blessed memory) to stand up,and fight for the Nigeria we dream of.

Our dignity,integrity,and ideology as a people( if we have or had any) should be ‘primus interpares non secondum'(first amongst equals,second to none).

The learnedpoet

Revised and edited by.
Aura Moha.

Graphics by;
Iffie Obiago.


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