Damp squib (1)

A couple of days back,a friend of mine after reading my first article,‘prodigal criminals’ asked me what my intentions were,towards this blog. I told him I saw this blog as a medium to communicate my views,on issues that border on the hearts,and minds of citizens of this country, young and old alike. It may not necessarily be centred on,or exclusively politics, but also on issues that are germane to the development,and well being of people, most especially here in Nigeria. I have realised,that a lot of people fall victim of ill circumstances,not only because they are gullible,or greedy,but because they are ignorant of their environment,and the consequences of their actions,even a little white lie, could tear a nation apart. The holy book relates to this assertion, it is written in it ,“My people suffer for the lack of knowledge”. So here I was,or rather I am, trying my possible best,to educate people on their environment, the government,and all its parastatals ,their duties as citizens to their fellow citizens,and to the government. Most importantly ,to make them aware of their rights, and privileges,which they are entitled to as citizens,and also to give them a voice, a reason to talk, a right to ask questions. Yes!,many are scared to air their opinions,for fear of death, but let’s be frank with one another,if we are all to go by the saying ,‘ what you don’t know,won’t kill you”,why then does the court,refuse to exonerate a man of guilt,for a crime he committed in ignorance of its consequence,or the gravity of its damage.“Ignorantia juris non excusat”.

The next question,gave me quivers. He asked me, “Why bother your young mind,with the politics of Nigeria, our government, our so called ethical norms and values which has not,or is still struggling to adapt to social change, babe why naija?”, “Well…”, I stammered, as I couldn’t find the words, my thoughts juddered then blanked out, my medulla oblongata, embarked on a journey to Mecca,on a quest for knowledge,I could not utter a single word,much less a statement. However dumb it might sound,I tried to use my hands,to demonstrate my voiceless thoughts,but I couldn’t,as I wasn’t versed in the art of sign language,then it hit me that this question,was not one of academia,nor was it of any scholastic attribute,it was more rhetorical and diplomatic. Embarrassed,I excused myself off the question,disappointed by my lack of words,my world suddenly felt shaky,the rest of the conversation didn’t register,as my thoughts had wandered far off. I fell into a trance of my own world, it was ‘World War5’, my thoughts,my opinions,my beliefs,my faith,my religion,and my reality all came crashing down,like a house of cards. Then I came to a conclusion, ‘We Are Deformed’,No jokes.

C’mon,tell me,how do u explain a country,where the lecturers and students always go on strike over the same issue?,now,thats just a tip of the iceberg. Tell me, where it is heard of ,that health workers,I mean nurses and other medical assistants,go on strike. Is the provision of good health care facilities,not supposed to be the most important of the basic amenities? No wonder they fly abroad when they are sick, because,they know the crap we have back here. It is only in Nigeria, that I’ve heard police men have gone on strike before..can you imagine the nonsense. Never mind, I will do the honors of diagnosing the cause of our problem.

Our deformity,is as a result of our deluded mindset, we constantly allow our sentiments, override our better sense of judgement,as statistics have shown the consistent election of demagogue leaders. Sometimes,I just want to scream blue murder!,because of the insanity in the government,which has to some extent affected the people who just decide to be calm,when the country is at sixes and sevens even with all the threats posed on their existence, their fundamental human rights struggles to grasp air, their emotions are used as a ball on a soccer pitch with no bearing,and left at the mercy of the players. I am hopping mad,the whole system has gone haywire, seeking out one or two incorruptible leaders in the sytem is a chase after rainbows. Their demagogy,‘ they had no shoes’, now they shop with Manolo Blahnik,Jimmy Choo,Christian Louboutin,etc .They said they were born with no silver spoon bt alas! They live off the fat of the land, building houses in every nook and cranny of the world, their bank accounts suffer from obesity, the worst of its kind. Its amazing to think that our senators earn salaries more than that,earned by the president of the united states,and this is minus their other allowance fees, yet they claim that their is no money to meet the demands of ASUU, what BULLSHIT.
to be continued….


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