A Damp Squib(2)

My heart bleeds when I think of the so many things, good things I had always imagined and expected from our government. They promised us jobs, better health services in our hospitals, free education, good roads, constant electricity,in fact the list is endless, yet all was a damp squib. If they are so sure of their performance,and the quality of the basic social amenities,they have provided, why don’t they make use of it?,why don’t they travel by road when going on a long distance journey?,when they fall ill or have accidents,why don’t they patronize our own hospitals,after all thats how it is done in other countries, why should ours be any different. If I decide to play devil’s advocate,and support the notion,that only the rich should be allowed to rule,after all,they have all the money so,they would not be tempted to misappropriate funds. We have also had cases like dat in the past and it was yet again another damp squib! Its a shame that you can’t separate yourself from your nationality, you can’t deny who you are. Hence we are left to bear the brunt of shame our leaders heave upon us.

There was a Nigerian dream,am guessing, an ideology,and though not documented anywhere,was imprinted in the hearts of our founding fathers of democracy who advocated for our freedom,they gave their arms for our amnesty,and the actualization of the dream of a democracy, a government of the people,by the people,and for the people in all literal interpretations. Democracy,was supposedly the best thing,to ever happen to Nigeria, but now I have doubts,’Is it another damp squib?’ We are bombarded by elections upon elections, manifestos upon manifestos, the Nigerian people are tired, why stress ourselves,when the winner has already been declared in their inner chambers,against all odds,we hope, with our votes we embrace our fears, yet they chose to mock our right to participate in government. We have a deformed government,that has refused to seek medical help.

And there goes the Nigerian dream, bags packed, thoroughly kit for the journey ahead,it wanders off in search for something lost,no clue whatsoever, as to what that might be,or where the tide might lead to, in pursuit of happiness,it hastens its steps, if only it can locate its roots, until then, it remains a damp squib. A great expectation,washed down memory lane without traces,as to the path whence it came. The question am forced to ask however, would remain, what do we stand for as a Nigerian citizens? I mean, what were,and what are our expectations as a country, as a people, and as individuals? What are we known for?, What are our goals as a nation?

I could go on and on,but the preamble of the 1999 constitution of this so-called federal republic says it all. It supposedly portrays, the Nigerian dream, although,we were exempted form the drafting process,yet we adopted it because,it spoke the minds of d people……

We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Having firmly and solemnly resolved, to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible,and indissoluble sovereign nation under God….
And to provide for a Constitution for the purpose of promoting the good government and welfare of all persons in our country, on the principles of freedom, equality and justice, and for the purpose of consolidating the unity of our people..”

The irony of that book called the constitution, however, is that most of its provisions clashes, with the true intentions of the preamble..*sigh* what a country!

Revised and Edited by
Aura Moha

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