I create a forum to write,as my mind wonders,I create an opportunity,for my lost ideas,I create an awareness, within me,for the existence of concept,I create an alter-ego for myself, I create a persona that will teach and inform, I create a fiction, I create a world, where creativity is the essence, I create the mindset of a victor,I create an oblivion to the real world of pain,failure,rejection,and prejudice,I create a fantasy,with a pinch of reality, I create existence, and continuity in a notepad,I create a leader, I create a new generation of hybrids,I create a boldness to fight against complex,I create a new type of pen,I create a new world order,I create mental freedom,I create an era of early talent awareness, and discovery, I have created ME,to help YOU to attain full potential, I created a new pandora’s box, I created the key to pandora, I CREATED a MONSTER.

El dee nutty

Revised and Edited by
Aura Moha.

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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