A playground for pots and kettles

For a couple of months now,the media, bloggers, and almost every form of visual and audio media have gotten wind of the 18paged letter,written by the former president,Obasanjo,to the current one,Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,so its no news. It has since been followed by a series of letters,some written as a response to Obj’s accusation by ‘GEJ supporters’,one,purportedly written by his daughter,as a response to,or would I rather say,a reaction to the letter written by ‘baba’ and then, finally,GEJ’s response. I must confess,this is really a festive season,I could not possibly miss out on the feast of letters,I know I’ve been MIA for a while now,but c’mon it’s only a sadist that would refuse to dine with Santa. Its a season of letters people!, and in fact *whisphers* I think a ‘promo’ is on,write one get one free,or even more,depending on how lucky you are,stock lasts till 2015 elections, so utilise this opportunity while it does….LOL

Please,pardon me,this might be the longest article ever written on this blog,but the issues are too serious to be ignored, so get some tea or juice,grab a chair,better still,recline on a couch,and feed your eyes,as you chew on this political gum. I hope you don’t get bored…..

For those who missed a chance to view Obj’s letter to Jonathan here is a link for you: Download OBJ, Iyabo and Jonathan letters –

Now to the matter,Obj’s letter has since been accorded quite a number of adjectives,Dr Abati,in a press statement,has described the letter as, “highly unbecoming,mischievous,and provocative” A lot of analysts have taken to the stage with their why’s, and wherefores,again reacting to the letter,Dr. Abati said,it“ has been deliberately leaked to the media,in a deplorable effort to impugn the integrity of the President,and denigrate his commitment to giving Nigeria the best possible leadership”, but like they say, every man,is entitled to his opinion. One thing I’m sure of however,is that these letters have caused an uproar of mixed reactions,amongst Nigerians and created a three-ring circus nationwide.

Trust me, I try not to play Jeremiah,but I can’t help it whenever I find myself with issues of this nature. That notwithstanding,I refuse to take up the cudgel on behalf of neither party,( Obj or GEJ),so I will play the devil’s advocate instead,weigh d pro’s and cons,analyse the laudation and criticisms given to this letter,carefully digesting every word,to the best of my ability in a bid to deduce the intent of this letter. Let’s start with the criticisms, “Nigeria is bleeding and the haemorrhage must be stopped,” Mr. Obasanjo said in the 18-page letter he titled, “Before It Is Too Late”,I laugh because,this is a clear example of the pot,calling the kettle black. Obj started out by stating his reasons for drafting such ‘historic’ letter, reasons he didn’t pay heed to in his ruling of Nigeria for over a decade,he played with the intelligence of his countrymen,he tried to convince us in the subsequent pages that he seeks not personal,but national interest. What does he takes us for?! We know better,despite the letter containing weighty issues,it is politically driven for personal benefits,a leopard never changes its spots. He condemns GEJ’s ambition for second term, it seems he suffers from selective amnesia,he has forgotten so soon how he attempted to alter the constitution of the Federation for the singular,selfish purpose of a third term. He made mention of some qualities of a good leader,trustworthiness,integrity,responsibleness, creating a good legacy etc,I want to believe that was a slip of ‘tongue’,because,he possessed none of these. He accused President Jonathan,and others,of promoting corruption,ethnicity, having a killer squad; tackling Boko Haram with kid gloves, yet,he sowed the seeds that led to the Niger-Delta crisis,that transformed a non-violent struggle for justice,equity,and fairness in the Niger-Delta into a full-blown war. It is sad that it is now,that Obasanjo sees the fight against corruption as waning. In his days,he frustrated the fight against corruption,he promoted a culture of lawlessness, and impunity. He accused Jonathan of assisting criminals to evade justice, in his era, he never recognised judicial autonomy,talk less encouraged justice. He was alien to the term ‘justice’.He made heroes out of oil thieves and cultists like Asari Dokubo,and other militants,that the Nigerian government pay billions of naira every month,to keep from going up the creek. Wait a minute!,Did he mention a political watch list and trained snipers waiting for orders? *scoffs, the list of unravelled politically incited murders,that occurred in his time cannot even be all conclusive. Questions like who killed Chief Bola Ige, Marshal Harry, Aminasoari Dikibo, Chuba Okadigbo,and a lot more has become part of our national anthem. Jonathan simply allows us to kill ourselves. Obasanjo’s era was marked by political assassinations,and cold-blooded murders. Governor Orji Uzor Kalu escaped death,but he knew exactly who sent the assassins. Audu Ogbeh escaped death,and he too knew who sent the killers. Jonathan thus far,has not been personally associated with any political murders the way Obasanjo was. I hope it remains so, but if not…..hmmm,I leave u to fill in that space.

The most ironic,and rather hilarious part of this letter was where the ex-president,admonished Jonathan not to frown at criticisms,as some are constructive,and therefore needed to grade his performance as a president. Nigerians would never forget in a hurry,how Nigerian university students were killed in cold blood,and the invasion and razing of the home,and business premises of Fela Kuti who was Obj’s number one critic,as military head of state. Those who criticised him,or who attempted to,were thoroughly victimised. Audu Ogbeh was forced at gunpoint to sign his resignation,my dear Eedris Abdulkareem did not escape this as all his promoters were forced to forsake him because of the “jaga jaga” song that depicted the true picture of Nigeria under him at that time. Look, Nigeria was indeed “Jaga Jaga” and is still “jaga jaga”.

Lets play politics without rancour, without bitterness,Obj is 10times more guilty of extreme moral lapses and dire political failures than GEJ. ‘All are thieves whom the dog bark at’,Jonathan was just part of his succession plan, he gave him shoes wen he had none, now the boy with no shoes owns a boutique,and has refused to sell at discounted price to his oga. His deeds would be used as a yardstick to ascertain the leadership productivity of his predecessor (Obj).You can’t sow corn and expect to harvest apples. I could go on and on,dissecting all the issues he raised in his letters,and criticise each point but,there’s no time to dwell on it…..so,lets move on.

Read on…(part 2)»»»»


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