part 2)» playground for pots and kettles

Now to the laudations,
Firstly,I don’t get why people regard Obj’s letter as ‘historic’.What is historic about the letter, is it the fact that it was 18 paged,and addressed to the president, or that he tread on grounds where angels dared not,or maybe it is historic because ,it’s been long Nigerians heard,and read the truth in black and white. Yes in Nigeria ‘truth’ is extinct,in this 21st century Nigeria,we are bound by lies. Someone asked a vexed question, ‘WHAT IS IT IN OUR GENETIC MAKE UP AS NIGERIANS,THAT BLINDS US TO ISSUES,BUT MAKES PEOPLE BASHING,APPEALING TO US? ‘ He answered it too, ‘OH I KNOW,IT’S EASIER TO ACCEPT FALLACIES,THAN TO EMBRACE THE TRUTH’. What a shame,even Iyabo made a similar assertion in reference,to our myopic,and oblivious attitude, she said in the letter addressed to her father, “Before I continue, Nigerians are people,who see conspiracy and self-service,in everything because,I think they believe,everyone is like them… Nigerians were your enablers every step of the way. People ultimately get leaders that reflect them’. What this goes to tell us,is the fact that we are ignorant of the truth,or scared to embrace it,and this makes us the architects of our own misfortune. Obj is anything but a saint, however,he is also a diamond in the rough,and as such there is a method in his madness.

He raised serious allegations in his letters,and it would be stupid,and irresponsible,if we ignore these issues,just because it was written by Obj,res ipsa loquitur ( the facts speak for itself).The shots are cheap,and they are undoubtedly politically motivated, but is there anything is this country that is not politically motivated? No one is innocent of that,especially those in the government. Everybody nurtures one selfish ambition or the other. I can’t agree any less with Iyabo,” every public officer in Nigeria is working for himself and no one really is serving the public or the country. The whole system,including the public wants oppressors,not people working for their collective progress”. Her accusations are an insult to our integrity,but at the same time,an eye opener to our true nature,and also a rude awakening,so the issue of the letter being politicised,is a none issue for me.

I must,at this point confess,that I’m rather amazed by the ‘smartness’ of some legal practioners, political activists,and religious leaders,whose myopic mindset has made them oblivious to the truth. They have neglected to perform their duties as they should,for some self serving reasons,which only goes to buttress Iyabo’s words.

Again,I don’t get Iyabo’s bright idea for writing such a degrading,11paged open letter to her father,laden with insults on all levels. For those who did not get to read it,here’s the link:
To start with,she’s telling Nigerians what we already know,her father made her do this and that…. C’mon,everyone has a choice, every man,a price,too bad he bought her integrity. She is indirectly doing the exact thing her father is doing,trying to exonerate themselves and in a way make atonement for their sins…I laugh in Spanish!. But really,why does she feel tabling all her family, and political grievances against her father,to Nigerians,will vindicate her? Do we look like the elders of her village? Do we look like pawns to her? It seems to her that Nigeria is a joke. Well,maybe it is.

Finally on this, we must all understand that no one, can ever tell the true intentions of a man,a man’s intention is personal and lies in his heart,so don’t assume Obj’s intentions for writing such a letter. Even the holy book asserts,you cannot understand a man’s mind,do not pay attention to the messenger,but to the message he carries. The town crier has beaten the drum, pay attention,not to his physical appearance,or his attitude,he may be a madman,a drunk,or whatever,but the message he carries might save a life. Politics is a game of chess, and there are great players, but we must tread with caution.

I totally agree with one thing in Jonathan’s 64 paragraphed,strongly worded,well crafted,and thought provoking letter. All Obj allegations must be followed with evidence. The only way justice can be ensured,and requisite actions taken,as regards such allegations is with the presence facts,and evidence to back up such claims. Every man is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

Over the years Nigeria has been a playground for pots and kettles,our whole system has been regarded as a joke, we have been played like pawns by politicians who know,that all they need to to get our votes,is to spin a yarn about their childhood, and struggles in life which makes us emotional,and vote with sentiments. Our integrity has been given a price tag by dirty old men who infected every good seed with their poisonous venom. Everyone at the helm of affairs in this country,seems to be loothing for themselves and their immediate family, they forget,that chickens will always come home to roost.

Nigeria is bleeding,and the hemorrage must be topped. She is a woman with an issue of blood, her chances of survival are really slim. It is really complicated,because she needs to give birth to another heir as her other children have done more harm,than good. She needs to birth to a ‘messiah’.She has also reached,and passed menopause,thus,the loaded question is “Can anything good come out of this dead cells before it is too late?”! This is not a question of modern medicine,the answers will be in the sacrifices willing to be made by well meaning Nigerians to save a soul, ‘how many can make such a sacrifice ?

Arise o compatriots,
Nigeria’s call obey!

Happy new year

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