Prodigal Criminals

I lay on my bed trying so hard to beckon to sleep ,but my thoughts seem not to be at rest. It’s on a rampage full of anger, frustration, pain and disgust for the administrative body of this now ‘damned’ country Nigeria. A country I was once so proud of,I could pledge my life,a country that once was filled with milk,and still stood strong with or without honey,now we have neither milk nor honey. The most annoying part of this puzzle we call a nation,is the irony of operating a ‘so called democratic state’. We claim to be developed,or rather still,in the process of development, yet every action taken by our leaders portray otherwise. Rather than curb corruption, we encourage it,rather than put away criminals, we celebrate them, the rich get richer, the poor become they say;’if you can’t beat them, join them’..its a game of thrones, a battle for survival, hunger game. The question shouldn’t be ‘why’,rather ‘when’. Let’s not live in blissful ignorance. It is paramount to locate the root of our problems,before we can even think of a solution. The cost of living has not just become high,but risky. With all these insecurities, can you still boldly pledge your allegiance to your fatherland? The government continues to play havoc with the life and security of its citizens, corruption is the order of the day as the pleas of Nigerians are in limbo. It is a rather pathetic situation. Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and others I know of, but Nigeria *shakes head*, When?? When did that become our venture, another means of livelihood? Even in these countries where there are threats of terrorism, their government frown thoroughly at it, they do not negotiate with terrorists but in this part of the world where I come from nah!! *scoffs*,the new Nigeria bore in corruption, we celebrate them,’owambe’ like the yoruba people would call it. We pat them on their backs, a gesture silently saying ‘well done! you good and faithful servants’, who have served dillegntly in sustaining a political and social menace, you were in charge of few now I put you in the midst and amongst thousands to slaughter’.(God their papa dem go see slaughter). I call them prodigal criminals because they seem to gain more popularity in their victory than they had in their dormant lives. The only difference between the prodigal son in the bible and these, is the fact that, while the former had a true self realization of his actions and inaction’s and truly repented, the latter was,or rather is induced more like under some sort of duress, unfortunately they(our leaders) have failed to realize that a leopard never changes its spot. The militant’s in the Niger Delta were offered ‘amnesty’ an award as far as I am concerned enhanced terrorism. It gave criminals some sort of leverage and audacity to do as they please, to ‘think big’, you know, ‘to use what they had to get what they wanted’,because there was this assurance that,when they create such a great terror,the government will succumb and somewhere along the line they would be applauded,and so they continued,and somehow they moved up from kidnapping. They ‘thought BIG’ and boom!! gave birth to a more violent sect ‘Boko Haram’, WOW!! Is that not fantastic,other developed countries encourage their citizens to have an entrepreneur mind and channel it into developing the economic system for sustainable economy in the long run but we, Haba!, are u kidding me..we encourage criminals..we are good at it because even the government is infested with criminals who tend to make waves. Who will bail the cat? Boko haram, a sect that have successfully and even more prominently dominated terrorism and become more dangerous than their predecessors. We constantly live in fear of the unknown, who knows the next breed of terrorists after them? But be rest assured that, they to will be granted amnesty no matter how violent they are *sacrastic smile*..O yea! they sure will. It is about time we wake up and smell the coffee. We must first agree with the national anthem,before showing our allegiance to the pledge. Amnesty should never be an option..we don’t give criminals the status of prodigality, we put them away. We must understand that granting of amnesty to criminals such as this sect, Boko haram that has committed such great felonies is nothing but a fool’s paradise.

Edited by Aura Moha


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